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Nintendo 2DS, High Speed SD Card, USB charger, and PokEdit's Select App Suit.

This is the ultimate 2DS model. I have personally selected the best free apps and include them with the system. I purchase all items, even new, second hand. But I inspect all items to make sure they are in the described condition.

Used systems are tested, cleaned and configured by myself to work as smoothly as possible. This is part of the service I'm providing when you purchase this item.

New (second hand) listings are systems purchased second hand, but still new and sealed before arriving at PokEdit.

3DS Details

  • Second hand system being resold. The item is spected and found to be in exact condition as stated.
  • High Speed SD Card included with PokEdit's Select App Suite. This a collection of free-to-play games and free apps that make using your 3DS more enjoyable.
  • USB charge cable; making it easier to keep your system powered on.
  • The system is ran through tests to ensure the CPU is running at the correct speed, the battery has sufficient usage life left. If not, a new battery will be installed.
  • Buttons and Analogs are tested to ensure working and replaced with new ones if needed.
  • LCD screens and digitizer are tested and replaced if necessary.

Nintendo 2DS, High Speed SD Card, USB charger, and PokEdit's Select App Suit.

JailBroken 2DS Blue Edition with Custom Firmware. Use Homebrew, edit Pokemon (including Ultra Sun & Moon), custom themes, Region Free, and much more! This is the ultimate 2DS model.


This is the ultimate 2DS model. I have personally selected the best free apps and include them with the system.


Luma3DS Custom Firmware
User friendly custom firmware.

HomeBrew Launcher
Access the Homebrew channel.
Access the Homebrew channel.
Pokemon Save Editor.
NTR Firmware
Pokemon Editing, Cheat Engines & more.
Cheat Engines
Use cheats or GateShark Codes.
Video Capture
Stream or record 3DS video to PC.
Input Redirect
Use P4, Xbox, or nearly any controller.
Take in-game screenshots.
Free Games
Open source games and demos installed.
FBI .cia Installer
Install homebrew, Apps & more.
Region Free
Play games from any region.
Custom Themes
Massive database of free themes.
Real time Pokemon RNG tool.
Play SNES, GBA & more.
QR Compatible
USE QR codes to hack games.
On-the-air memory editor tool.
FTP File Transfer
Leave the SD card in your 3DS.
3DS Save Managers
Backup & Restore Save Files.
DS Game Saves
Backup & Restore Save Files.
Custom Badges
Download or create free badges.
Backup your game carts
Leave your game carts at home.
Rosalina Menu
Real time Luma3DS menu.
3DS system ready to go.
Monitor your system info & data.
Safe and Secure
Keeping your protected.


What can it do?

This system comes with boot9stap. This means you can do WAY more than a typical 3DS. You can install custom apps, themes, free games, overclock the CPU, create/edit Pokemon, and much more!

PokEdit's Select Apps Suite comes pre-installed and are ready to use. If you're not tech-savvy, no worries! I provide customer support via email, phone, discord, and can provide guides for anything you want to do.


Some of the best emulators are included and ready to use:

  • Super Nintendo SNES
  • Nintendo NES
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
  • TurboGrafx 16


These emulators can play virtually every ROM for their corresponding system.

There are even more Emulators out there that you can add too! For example, the 3DS is capable or emulating Sega Genesis and Game Gear games!

* This is for playing your own game legally acquired ROMs.


Play Game Backups
Not only can you play backups of your favorite 3DS games, you can install them directly to the system and leave your cartridges at home. The famous FBI App is included and allows you to install .cia game files and play them just like you have the cartridge in the system. Forgive the funny names; I didn't name them XD

A special payload is included with tools for backing up your own game cartridges.

* This is for playing your own game legally acquired backups.


Cheat Engines & Action Replay
With cheat plugins you'll have nearly infinite ways to input codes. All GateShark codes can be converted and used (and there are a lot of GateShark codes out there if you search around).

There are also game specific plugins developed from some popular games like Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon, Sun/Moon and more. Popular ones like USUM CheatMenu and SuMo Hacks come preinstalled.

Action Replays for DS are no longer in production and will cost you a pretty penny (over $100 USD in most cases). But with a modded 3ds system, you can run Action Replay codes without needing to buy the hardware separately.


Custom Themes
You now have access to thousands and thousands of custom themes. Themes are easy to find from famous website like the following:

They are easy to download and install.

You can also install custom badges using the preinstalled GYTB App. With custom themes and badges you can personalize your 3DS more than Nintendo ever dreamed of letting you.


God Mode
3DSSident App: Be the admin of your own system. With 3DSSident you can view important system info and data. With Luma3DS CFW you can overclock your CPU speed and get your games running faster than ever.

Rosalina Menu: Rosalina is a custom firmware menu that you can access at any time when using the system. You can open Rosalina at any time buy pressing L+SELECT+DOWN (you can change this once in the menu). This will give you options such as input redirection (using controllers to play your 3DS), changing the CPU/Cache speed on the fly, taking screenshots, and more.

Region Freedom: This custom firmware makes the system completely region free. You can play games from any region, including but not limited to NTSC (North America), PAL (Europe/Australia), NTSC-J (Japan). No special trick is needed. Just put in the game cartridge and play like normal. You can also install game files from other regions.

GodMode9: This payload, you can make system backups so that if something ever happens (which is unlikely) then you can go back to a restore point. You can do much more than that, but be careful if you don't know what you are doing because this stuff is very powerful.

FPT File Transfer: No more ejecting SD cards over and over. With FTP, you can move files back and forth from your computer wireless over your local WiFi! All you need is a free FTP program on your computer (I recommend FileZilla) and you can easily connect to your 2DS/3DS and move files back to forth from the SD card.

Safe and Secure: You're off the radar and your 3DS won't send any of your system data to Nintendo. Although you can still download games, play them online, and update the system; Nintendo will have no idea you're using a customized system.


Save Data Backup
Whether is 3DS games, DS games, or your ROMs; you'll always have a way to backup your save data.

Checkpoint App is a specialized tool for backing up and restoring your 3DS game data. It works with game your game carts, games from the eshop, and any backup games that you have installed.

JKSM App is also included that makes backing up and restoring your DS game files simple and easy.


Steaming and Video Capture
*** Original 3DS and 2DS models are not capable or video capture or streaming. This is do to hardware limitations that the newer models do not have.


Pokemon Generation
PKMS: This App let's you make advanced customizations and edits to your Pokemon games without needing a computer! Do it all directly on your mod. Works with all main series 3DS Pokemon games.

Has a beautiful and user friendly interface making it easy for new comers and powerful for advanced users. Works with cartridge games, eShop, and installed backups.

  • No PC needed
  • Beautiful and user friendly
  • Preinstalled and ready to go.


PKHeX: The most powerful Pokemon Editor ever created. With this mod, you'll be able to back up your Pokemon games saves and edit this in this powerful program.

Works on ALL main series Pokemon games including 3DS, DS, GBA, and more!

Has advanced legality checker, let's you edit items trainer info and everything else. All the power is at your fingertips.

  • Powerful Save Editor
  • Excellent Legality Checking
  • Edit Items, Trainer Data and more.


PKMN-NTR: This program is a on-the-air memory editing tool for Generation VI and VII pokémon games using with NTR-CFW on Nintendo 3DS. It's compatible with Pokemon X, Y, OR, AS, Sun, and Moon. You will have to download the software on your PC to use with this system. You can do the following and more:

  • Dump and edit pokemon from boxes, Day Care/Nursery, Battle Box and Party using PKHeX interface.
  • See wild opponent pokemon and your partner's pokemon during a trade.
  • Almost all available options as PKHeX.
  • Build your own mini-bots with the Script Builder.


pokeCalc-NTR: This is a very powerful real time plug-in. It has features like Multiple Menus and Views, RNG Tools, Multiple Breeding Tools, TSV/PSV Checking and more. Comes preinstalled and ready to use with NTR Custom Firmware.


Cheat Engines: Cheat engines like SuMoHax and USUMCheatMenu and a couple others come preinstalled.


Here is a list of original software and open source apps that are used to organize PokEdit's Select App Suite.