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Included is the Switch Tablet (refurbished), Micro SD, Switch USB-C Key, Jig, SX OS License, all of the following customizations:

  • CFW and EmuNand setup. Atmosphere, SX OS, and Lakka come pre-installed and ready to go.
  • Custom Boot Screen that will let you choose which OS to boot into. You can also boot into "Stock" just as if it was never modded. This is where you'll go to play games online and do save some save editing.
  • Incognito installed to keep you safer from getting banned.
  • Emulators installed, theme pack and installer included, Save Backup and Restore Tool, FTP App for wireless sending data to and from your PC (no need to remove your SD card all the time!). Tinfoil and GoldLeaf installed. HBG/Shop version of Tinfoil installed on the EmuNand home screen. HBG/Shop will not be fully setup unless you purchase the Mod Plus package.


Please contact me after purchasing if you're interested in the Mod Plus package. It includes a lot more than the standard mod. It's $9.9 per month, but you can cancel anytime you don't need it anymore.


Please note that these will not be shipped until about 2 weeks after the order is made (on average). I cannot afford to keep them in stock, so I have to order the parts as the orders are made. So these are essentially "Made to Order". 


Can I Gen Pokemon for Sword and Shield with this?

Yes. You'll have all the tools need to backup your saves and edit them in PKHeX. PKHeX has a built in legality checker, so please make sure to use it. It's highly recommend to Gen the Pokemon with this Switch and local trade them to another Switch. But you can do it all on this Switch if you want to.

Will also work with Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu.


Will my Modded Switch get banned?

My mods have been setup to be as safe as possible to avoid bans. Instructions will be included for basic safety precautions so you keep yourself safe.


What's a Switch USB-C Key:

"Switch Key" is include. You'll need this plugged in to turn on your system. This is my default setup. If you don't like this, I can disable it, but you'll need to insert the "jig" (included also) anytime you want to boot custom firmware.